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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Spiritual Mind Treatment for a healthier slimmer me !

I found this awesome book about 15 yrs ago and have owned at least six copies of it. This is copy number 6 and your gonna have to buy your own this time. I love the affirmations in here and they do really work for me.

Today I am focusing on the affirmations for being overweight. 

This one is called " The Body Beautiful" . It is my favorite. And when I am on the Aurora body reconstruction journey this has been an excellent helping hand. 

" My body is lithe, supple and flexible; filled with vibrant life. As I cease from burden bearing and consciously release all heaviness of thought. I am freed from heaviness of body. Infinite Intelligence within me selects right thoughts for my mind and right choice of food for my body. Sustained by spiritual food, I no longer crave that which can never satisfy. As I live by inner Guidance I am led to eat only that which I need. I now think of my body as a beautiful instrument of Spirit, the temple of the living God. I live for the moment and eat for the moment that which I need. God within me knows how to regulate my life and maintain my body in perfect harmonious balance. I need not struggle with diets or make a fetish of weight control. My body is filled with Light, and the Wisdom within me knows how to gauge and control my perfect weight. The Grace of God is my sufficiency in everything .

                                                                                              And so it is." 

I love the wording and it is a universal prayer. I am on my 6th copy because when I tell friends and family about this little gem everyone wants to have it. I love and respect everyone so saying that I have friends from all religious / spiritual beliefs and they all use it. 

There is a affirmation for everything in here and if it floats your boat there is also accompanying bible verse. 

So for the next 30 days I will drink a liter of water a day, as well as taking these challenges
Only adjustment are the sit-ups. I do three different moves that target my core area completely.

Lastly I say out loud " The Body Beautiful " affirmation when I start my day.

Today I am on day two and will post the first before and after pictures in two weeks time.

Have an awesome day and remember 
Be your own kind of Beautiful!!!

��Love & Light ��

the craftyowlmama 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Crafting on the coast , this rainy Monday.

It began like this but I have been extremely productive while chasing and entertaining Roarkeums. 
I was gifted these lovely Jack & Sally goodies. In this world of technology I still love to write so journal and pen is always a special gift in my book.

I have decided to use it as my order book and so far it has been a wise decision. 

I got the dimension of the iphone4 & iphone5 case and started making my own covers.

I picked up two blank cases to make sure the cut was right, and yes it was! 


I can't wait to get the rest of our things out of storage, I have so much more to use for cases. Actually I very happy because some paper I have but didn't find the right project for has a use now! I am going to personalize each one for my customers and family. Yes my iPhone caring family member you will get one for solstice !!  Better hit me up if you don't want me to choose. LOL 
 I will post again the resin embellished versions hopefully by this weekend but you know how it is when you are also Mother of a 22 month very active explorer. 

When you get on a roll it is so much fun and uplifting for my soul! Thank you Creator, Egguns, Orishas and all positive support energies. 

I was able to working on these awesome purses I was gifted. I gave someone an upcycled purse I had done and She in return brought me several leather purses to upcycle on my Etsy store. MerPrinceClset7

I told her I felt guilt reaping goodies from her addictions. LOL! 

I have worked on three and had a lot of fun doing. They came out better than I had envision and this is just the front side.
 Front view
 Back view
 Inside view

This is the biggest one of the purses that i am upcycling today. She is measuring 14 inches in length and 10 inches wide. $65 plus $3.50 US shipping. This one is ready to ship to her new home this Friday. You can get her on my Etsy store MerPrinceCloset7 this Wednesday. 
 Front view
Back view 
This cutie measure 9 inches in length by 11 inches in width. She is ready to ship Friday and will list on Etsy this Wednesday. $45 plus $3.50 US shipping Back can be customized with Word/Name (5 letters) or Initials.

 From view

 Back view
 Inside view

This coral cutie measures 12 inches in length by 12 inches in width. The leather is so soft I may keep this one for my self. Okay I'll let it go $60 plus $3.50 US shipping. You can slide your tablet or nook comfortably it this cutie. Lots of pockets for all your treasures. She to can be customized on the back side. 5 letter word / name or Initials. She is available to ship out this Friday and will be placed on our Etsy store MerPrinceCloset7. 

Wow very busy day and I am blogging about it too. Now that is time management for yay! 

I was also able to get to work on a gift for three special ladies. Momma, big sister and baby sister Princess cut Mermaid Tee or Toddler Tank Dress. This is Phase one, tomorrow I will add the letters and do the matching purses.

I upcycle Tees I buy from work for my family as gifts. 
Love that hubby helps me!! These tshirts are on sale going to pick up a few more this payday because I love the tank dress idea for several little girls in our life. I have to come up with some cool upcycle I can do for boys. I have sooooo many boys in my life and family that you would think I would be making boys shirts but it is so easy to find girl things. I got to work on that!

Thank you for reading all my ramblings of my crafty escapade today.
Spread love and light!

Stay Crafty

Monday, July 22, 2013

Road Opening Monday!

Today I awake with a lot emotions turning inside me. I always believe a plan is the best first action but today I want to take a leap of faith so bad it is stirring up all these emotions. I believe my art , my family and my self would be a lot happier around like minded people. I feel my abundance will rain on me like a summer storm if I take this leap. 

My hubby is so supportive and he is up for anything but again with a little one you want to be sure.
But who is sure and who has the answers? Best laid plans and good intentions doesn't come out alright.

So yes we will take the leap and move! When your Boss pulls the last straw, family is far away, you live where multicultural is believe to be some band and your little boy doesn't have anyone to play with. Then you have to see that the door is closing and its time to move on.

This Mermaid is ready to swim with other real mermaids who are scared of the shallows! 
I have been cleaning all day. I promise to post tomorrow but I am beat now.....heavy emotions, lots of cleaning and building forts with Roarkeums and my Lucas! 
Thank you for reading my post and I will reward you for coming back tomorrow with some new pictures of our latest project. Resin Day of the Dead and Mermaid jewelry! 
Roarkeums first time in the swings and he loved it! 

This is the other reason why moving back to Cali has been on our minds. Roarkeums loves the beach and with Oregon's weather we don't get here enough even though we live so close.

Anyway hope to see you tomorrow ! 

Stay Crafty and go spread some love & light

Friday, June 14, 2013

Birth of MerPrince Closet bath and Body products

I have been custom blending for over 20 yrs some form of Bath n Body products as a home base business. You now we launched our online business at the Big Cartel and we launched with some of my handmade jewelry.
My husband and I were having a conversation on the progress of the store. When out of the blue it hit me." Why did I not launch with my favorite bath n body goodies?"
Then a art gallery and gift store ask me to consign some bath salts, literally 10 mins after hubby and i were talking.Crazy , Right! 

Flash forward a day later I found out I can get the HEMA Wellness certification I have been dreaming about for several years.
okay sounds like the universe was saying go back to what you love to bring this dream into reality. So on that note I new I had to create something beautiful to raise the funds we need to go.

I am lucky we have a great healthy food store here on the coast. I got a few supplies and the weird science began.
I love Glory Bee products and always have a fresh array of fragrant and essential oils on hand in our home. I make my bath n body product for the aromatherapy benefits as well as making the water look and feel inviting.

Also when I custom blend I use color therapy as well.

This is just a brief overview of the different benefits each color offer.

As I mixed up the salts I started to think about the packaging for them. Wands were the first thing that came to my mind when I went to to buy the salts so I stopped at our local craft store Creative Beginings. Yes like always they came through and had these cute tubes with tops. They were so easy to fill.
   Now the tubes are filled and I am ready to decorate my wands. I used my cricut and put these lovely Mermaids on the tips with different ribbons and copper wire.

I had to make a few jars for my crafties that I come across! Love my cricut and loving the pirates and mermaid cartridge.

Majestic Sea
 Sea Foam
 Sea Breeze 

These are the scents I came up with. Tomorrow I will post the properties of these lovely combinations and talk more about my journey of blending bath n body products. You'll love the story about the first timed I experimented with cinnamon oil. Hahahaha still get a good laugh from the memories.

Check these out on my etsy store! 
Please support handmade business. I got to get to my training next week so tell a friend.

Also if really want to help us get to my training in LA go here to donate
If you donate $10 or more get a shell charm bracelet.

Yes Mermaids are swimming in my head.

She is evolving so I will post and update of her soon!

Thank you for stopping by my crafty escapades the saga is on going!

Spread Love and light!
Stay Crafty my crafties.